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Digital warehouse

Time: 2012-03-26 17:18

System Overview:
Bar codes, RFID tags, was more and more widely in digital warehouse management system .  Characteristics of portable handheld devices, ideally suited to play a role in warehouse management.  Through handheld devices, close to item identification, handling storage, a library job and inventory tracking, you can also see the related items in the display.

For bar codes and RFID tags, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  In digital warehouse system, their relationship is complementary and mutual support.  When we need to inventory, handheld devices equipped with bar code identification module (or RFID identification module), close to the goods identification, they can see the items on the display information.  Processing storage, database operations and inventory operations. Handheld devices has characteristics of portable, ideally suited to play a role in warehouse management.

After electronic warehouse data, inbound and outbound data transfer to the corporate ERP system.  Response inventory information true and accurate .  Corporate decision-making is very conducive to decision-making department to decision-making with the actual situation.

Barcode in warehouse management, a large number of applications, the realization of the digital warehouse, greatly improving production efficiency.  Saving a lot of resources.  With the deepening of the work, but also some of the problems to be solved gradually emerged.  First of all, you want to enterprises unified management of warehouse items, an unusually large and cumbersome task, in addition to the items of information tracking, but also need to be carried out in a number of aspects of the confirmation of information; Secondly, the obvious shortcomings of the traditional bar code system such as easy pollution, impairment, need to stop waiting for the by-scan. Batch reading efficiency is not high, unable to meet the needs of fast and accurate.

In response to these problems, we have adopted RFID technology can be used as a more viable solution.  Digital management system for the overall integration of warehouse management, and also is the company''s digital warehouse management system.  Not only does it meet the requirements of modern logistics and distribution operation mode suitable for large-scale busy logistics, to ensure that the supply chain of high-quality data exchange.  The same time, from the production line began tracking solutions and enhance its transparency in the supply chain can effectively curb or even eliminate cardiopulmonary bypass, can play a huge role.