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Small ticket printer series
Type: MP350 - 58mm Mobile Thermal Printer and Label Printer
Product Name:58mm Mobile Thermal Printer and Label Printer
Data types:standard 232 serial, USB interface
Identifying manner:
Wireless Communication:Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS, which can be customized
The second development:

Remote upgrade---Unique Flash technology,don’t need to send back to original industry when software upgrade
As customer need, when we have to printer’s internal procedure or font that original industry defaulted, the printer can upgrade remotely by the following method.
1)Upgraded the printer, need a data cable, one is standard USB, another is mini-USB, that is MP3 data cable(common)。
2)the standard USB connect to the computer,the other end connect to the printer and computer.
3)A USB removable disk appears on the PC interface, remove the original program first, then copy new program to this flash drive.

Automatic sleep/wake up-- save power,extend using time
When power on, if the host didn’t send data to printer within 1 minute and didn’t use the printer,it will enter sleep mode. After sleep,status light will turn to red slow flashing. It will wake up automatically when receive printing data.

Automatic Power off
The printer will power off automatically if it didn’t receive any data within 2 hours.

Low voltage warning
Blue LED flashes to charge in time.